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What is Actioforma?

Actioforma, which is a coined term that describes "beauty" produced by fusion of "action and function" and "form and structure", is a new brand concept META Corporation Japan provides.

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What does Actioforma aim for
& Where does Actioforma stand?

META Corporation Japan was established in 1988 for the purpose of providing the environment that allows humankind to have a better understanding of "human beings"

more totally through the integration, on computer, of "all types of knowledge possessed by the world medical and life scientists." To achieve this, we have set out to develop three-dimensional data base of the human body; models are being evolved on a daily basis from those of human body shape, skeleton, muscles, internal organs, nervous system, blood vessels to more precise ones of cells and DNA levels. On the other hand, we have also carried on data digitalization of varieties of samples using various technologies such as advanced shooting technologies for stereoscopic viewing.
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Deepening "knowledge",
 but at the other extreme

Modern medicine and life science are still on the way toward limitless advances, so that it is not an easy matter to get the total perspective of each cutting-edge area.

Often cited maladies caused by medical specialization might be an example of this. This situation will hinder nonspecialists and beginners to learn new knowledge. However, if multidimensional and multielemental information can be visualized by various means, it will help understanding of such difficult information. For instance, if information is in the form of objects that move as learners desire, it will facilitate understanding of functions, and if can be viewed stereoscopically from arbitrary angles, even complex structures will intuitively be grasped. For effective learning of cutting-edge "knowledge" without losing its accuracy, IT should be used to the greatest degree or extent, which is then integratively structured to prepare the learning environment that facilitates understanding through the five senses.
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Discontinued or Interrupted Succession of "Skills", and Knowledge, People, and

It will be one of the great issues to those who are supported by knowledge, rather than playing with it, that how "craftsmanship" and

"art and skills of accomplished craftsmen"can be taken over. Naturally learning by repetitive experiences is essential. To make it more effective, however, it may be of significance to externalize tacit knowledge nurtured by expert experiences and to structure skills themselves. Quality of experiences is also important. Although actual experiences are essential, the integration of knowledge and skills and succession of skills of accomplished craftsmen could be made easily if repetitive experiences are feasible in more realistic and safer (in other words, failures are forgiven) virtual environments. For this, there are indispensable conditions of three dimensional reproducibility and interactivity. In terms of the auditory sense, they have easily been realized. The three-dimensionalization of the visual perception has made rapid advances as seen in "AVATAR". This 3D technology is fully employed across the length of breadth of the central core of Actioforma, but we set our final sight on the environment that enables interactive skills to be mastered, including the tactile perception.
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What supports Actioforma?

Actioforma, which has capabilities of both software and system, accepts a wide variety of elements as inputs. It enables utilization, depending on the user’s needs, of various data including virtual data generated from

(three dimensional computer graphics) we have fostered until now and actual data viewed stereoscopically (by use of such as multislice and confocal technologies) through giving and structuring various meta data based on — in the field of medicine for instance — the huge-volume database of medical images and knowledge of basic medicine and clinical medicine. This results in the attainment of not just theoretical correctness but also accurate understanding at both sensory and behavioral levels. Actioforma keeps building up the environment intended to provide many types of information including that by visual perception like "stereoscopic moving images" and that of interaction and multidimensions through various sensory organs. Actioforma is a set of technologies that makes these possible and also an ever evolving tool. META Corporation Japan will invest our unique technologies and experiences fostered thus far in further developing Actioforma.
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Evolving Possibilities
 and Diversity of Actioforma

Actioforma is, so to speak, an "operator symbol" that holistically works on multidimensional elements as inputs such as the most advanced scientific knowledge, skills

of experts, and various products produced in the process of application of the foregoing. The products generated from there allow the provision of visual information more multidimensionally by freely maneuverable 3DCG schemas, and anatomical charts, of course, and by other means such as the integration of the foregoing and electron scanning microscopic photos or volume data of CTs and MRIs. And the integration of these data as motions in chronological order makes it possible to comprehensibly express the organic connection between forms and capabilities. In some cases, it may even make it possible to include tactile information. These are only a few examples. Actioforma has varieties of evolving formats including structuring and externalizing inputs, and then subliming them to visualized high-level outputs.
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For Whom is Actioforma?
For What Purpose?

Products by Actioforma are intended to make the following effective and efficient; the implementation of trainings for professional personnel engaged in medical care, and

research and development in academic areas that support such trainings. In the trainings of physicians and personnel of other professions accompanied by practice, important is integrated education of knowledge and skills, in which teaching materials appealing to the five senses are essential. And in the surroundings where importance is attached to safety-consciousness, varieties of simulation trainings are required to avoid harm to patients... Meanwhile, the methods how to accumulate and utilize research results as public resources have not necessarily had a high priority for medical and life scientists. This situation allows only a part of performance to be exposed to the light. Tools Actioforma provides, however, give structures to huge volumes of data, making it easy to search and use the data. As a result, subsequent studies will become efficient or attract interest from a wide range of people. Tools of Actioforma will also serve to innovate, in the end, scientific education including science as a curriculum. For example, if contents can be created, in which students can freely move back and forth between the micro and macro worlds from the level of cells to that of mammals, they will foster the voluntary ability of children's scientific thinking, ultimately leading to an expansion of the base of future researchers.
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Accumulation of Knowledge
and Skills, and What lies ahead of the Structuring

Knowledge and technologies accumulated by Actioforma or a variety of their product databases are sequentially integrated into

searchable meta data and structured. And these structured data are stored in content server as data outputable arbitrarily as products need. For the future, we will build the whole of this system as "Knowledge Organizing System" (for ethical aspects and processing intellectual property right) aiming for release to the public. And yet, putting up the mission statement of META Corporation Japan as a private corporation is not adequate for the realization. Alliance with many medical care workers and medical and life scientists is absolutely essential and it is so destined. This is because the information relating to human beings and their diseases is standout individual property as personal information. On the other hand, it is the personal property that any person should share with. META Corporation Japan will provide various products in the future with the technologies supporting Actioforma as a base and these technologies as tools to build alliance with as many people as possible.