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Alf and Koki Quae feci ? Koki Kawamura's Works

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BRAIN and MIND(Resume in English and Russian) 2006


Music and Brain Science

Brain, Mind and Music

Music Perception in the Brain (ECNS in 2012)
Gamma-band synchrony. Role of Music Perception in the Brain
Electroencephalographic gamma-band activity and music (ANSR in 2013)

Neuroscience and Psychiatry

記号 Part 1 : Brain, Spirits and Music
記号 Part 2 : Brain science and Psychiatry
記号 Part 1 : Legends and Figures
記号 Part 2 : Legends and Figures
記号 From Neuroscience to Psychiatry
記号 List of references

Kawamura's Profile

His mentor: Dr. Alf Brodal ca. 1980

Alf and Koki


The Narrow Road to Oku
Basho's Art ―World of Sound
Music Therapy Seminar ―Music and Brain


Menschwerdung des Affen

Que sais-je ?

Moebius band


Brain Map by K.Funato
Human brain (Sketch-drawings by K.K.)