Privacy Policy

META Corporation Japan considers that the protection of the personal information provided by you is a basic to the business activities and one of the responsibilities of the company. With this recognition, META Corporation Japan is committed to protecting the personal information in compliance with the policy as below:

1. Collection of Personal Information

Either when or before we collect personal information about you, we will explain how we intend to use the information and advise the contact. The collection is made in an appropriate manner.

2. Purpose of Use

We will use the personal information collected from you only for the advised purposes. We will obtain your prior consent if we wish to use your information for any other purposes, except for the uses applicable law permits.

3. Control of Personal Information

We control the personal information collected from you in an appropriate manner. We do not disclose nor provide the information without your prior consent, except for the uses applicable law permits.

4. Inquiries

If you want to make reference, corrections, or deletions to your personal information, we will immediately respond to your requests to the extent reasonable.

5. Legal Compliance and Improvement

We observe the Laws and Regulations related to the Protection of Personal Information and Rules while we regularly review our internal programs for the protection of personal information and improve or make modifications as necessary.